Facial Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging: Acu-Cosmetics

Using a combination of acupuncture, facial cupping and dermo-facial elixirs, we offer a safe, natural and effective alternative to botox or plastic surgery.


Our Acu-Facial Rejuvenation treatments are unique integrative and specialized therapies that utilize Cosmetic Acupuncture, facial cupping, and custom blended dermo-facial elixirs with essential oils picked for your skin type. Acu-Facial treatments are a natural approach to reverse the aging process and helps skin look younger, smoother, brighter and uplifted.

After your treatment, we recommend organic high grade supplements to target internal imbalances in your body that are contributing to aging, such as excessive heat, dryness, excess oil production, and poor circulation.

Acu-Facial Rejuvenation is a great alternative for individuals who want a holistic approach to looking younger while improving their overall health. It is safe, natural and effective alternative to Botox or plastic surgery with less risk without the post-treatment downtime. Appearance changes are natural and uses your body’s own cellular healing mechanisms to improve skin health and complexion. It is a great choice for actors, models, musicians and other public professionals, who need to avoid recovery time and prefer a natural look.

How Does Acu-Facial Rejuvenation work?

Your internal state of health is reflected on your face. Acu-Facial Rejuvenation is a dual treatment – it is a personalized acupuncture session plus facial rejuvenation session. Body points are needled to correct any health issues, reduce stress and promote well-being. If you feel good on the inside, you will look better on the outside!

Special bio-active points are selected on the face, scalp and along the hairline to lift and firm. The insertion of fine intra-dermal needles within wrinkles and lines simulates micro trauma which stimulates elastin and collagen production. Facial acupuncture treatments increase the flow of Qi and blood circulation to the face while simultaneously correcting health imbalances in the body.

Celulite Treatments

Our unique protocol for targeting cellulite is one of its kind. Using a combination of multiple cupping techniques, we are able to smooth out fat cells located from the waist down. Patients do not have any down time, however we do recommend healthy habits including drinking ample water, regular exercise, and balanced eating. For patients looking for quicker results, this treatment can coupled with a 21-day detox to maximize benefits or to get ready for a big event.

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Words from our Patients

I am so happy my colleague referred here!...The minute you go in you feel welcomed. You come in a soothing atmosphere as if you are in a spa. They are attentive to you needs and go through what has been going on with your body and what you would like done. I was really wound up and stressed that day and the second she put in a last acupuncture needle it was immediate stress relief. I would go back just for that.

Mari L

One of the best clinics in LA for sure. Had an amazing first experience and am looking forward to going back for more treatments. I’ve never felt more relaxed and my back feels amazing! Thank you guys!

Celine Rouben

Hana did some cupping for me when my muscles weren't feeling too great. The next day I felt significantly better. She also gives amazing treatments for anxiety. Ive been feeling fantastic. She's super professional and genuinely cares. Looking forward to continuing treatment.

Aaron Broukhim

I have had many sessions with both Hana and Jenna and they both are truly an incredible, intuitive, caring, gifted healers. There are actually no words to articulate the powerful relief and release I've experienced during our treatments.

Jessica Rutiz

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