Professional Massage Therapy in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Calming massage therapy, performed by certified specialists – each treatment designed to suit your needs.

Our Massage Treatments

All of our massage therapy and body-work treatments are performed by certified specialists in our calm and relaxing treatment rooms with soft music, aromatherapy, low lighting, and heated tables.

The specialized techniques used are tailored to meet individual needs as well as to alleviate aches & pains due to emotional, physical, and mental stress. Clear your mind and body of the built up stress from the week and treat yourself to a relaxing massage with one of our specialists today.

For those wanting a stronger more targeted massage, our experts are certified and trained in physical therapy styled massage where your body is stretched and specific muscles are focused on to help heal any injury, whether it is an acute condition or a chronic injury that has lasted for months to years.

Deep Tissue Massage

This style of massage concentrates on the deep layers of muscle fascia. The benefits of deep tissue include reducing chronic pain, breaking up scar tissue, rehabilitating injured muscle, and stress relief.

Couples Massage

When booking this service, note that two therapists will automatically be booked.

Acu-Massage for Anxiety

Needles are placed in major acupuncture points in the scalp during the massage treatment. These points are related to calming the mind and balancing the sympathetic nervous system.

CBD Massage

This massage is unique, as we rub your body with a high grade organic CBD balm infused with turmeric and lemon. Before the session, you also have the option of taking a CBD tincture to calm your mind during the massage. This tincture does not have any toxicating factors.

Prenatal & PostPartum Massage

Massage during pregnancy reduces swelling, increases stamina, and relieves stress brought on by pregnancy. This massage can also help with increasing milk supply.

Personalized AromaTherapy Massage

A personalized blend of organic essential oils are put together according to your symptoms. Whether you are in the midst of a cold and need a peppermint cinnamon blend to clear your congestion and chills, or if you are having digestive issues and need a ginger basil blend, we are able to customize exactly what your body needs to recover.

Speak to us about your treatment

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them via phone or email. Also, we welcome you in our office during working hours.

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Words from our Patients

I finally found help for my upper back / neck tension and migraines! I've been going to see Jenna since December and it had completely changed my life. I have anxiety and suffered from soreness and pain in my upper back and neck that was causing migraines. I would often wake up in pain caused by stress, then the pain caused more stress which led to more pain. Jenna helped me loosen up my body with acupuncture, cupping, and massage. One day I went in with a tension headache that had been lasting for days and it was completely gone by the end of my session. I'm currently going on day 8 with zero pain or headaches and I can't believe it.

Jenny C

One of the best clinics in LA for sure. Had an amazing first experience and am looking forward to going back for more treatments. I’ve never felt more relaxed and my back feels amazing! Thank you guys!

Celine Rouben

Hana did some cupping for me when my muscles weren't feeling too great. The next day I felt significantly better. She also gives amazing treatments for anxiety. Ive been feeling fantastic. She's super professional and genuinely cares. Looking forward to continuing treatment.

Aaron Broukhim

I have had many sessions with both Hana and Jenna and they both are truly an incredible, intuitive, caring, gifted healers. There are actually no words to articulate the powerful relief and release I've experienced during our treatments.

Jessica Rutiz

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Follow us on Instagram @clinicforpainandanxiety